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    I (my wife, actually) am running a “content is king” spezialized blog – if I may say so.

    We want to start selling a few items, that are content-related in a very sensitive way, so the readers will accept the commercial part of the blog.

    Is a shopintegration in a blog (!) bad for the SEO in any way? Or even positive?

    I don’t want to ruin the look and feel of the blog with a shopintegration (woocommerce), so additionally I ask myself, if maybe I should setup a subdomain like “” and run another wp-installation exclusively for the woocommerce-shop and just crosslink between them. What do you think?

    Any advice or experiences on this, anyone?

    Best Boris



    As far as I know Google is not run by Socialists and I never heard of any website being penalized for selling products. I would not recommend selling blow up sheep dolls if you are running a cartoon review blog, but besides such extreme I think you are more than fine from the seo aspect. If you add products in a discreet way that matches the needs of your visitors I would think it should do well.

    As to Blog domain vs. Subdomain, that makes no difference in seo since www is a subdomain of your domain and there is no discrimination against it by any search engine.




    Thanks to the Expert! Excellent! :-)

    Best Boris

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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