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    Showing the client a working preview of the site, I noticed a serious usability issue with the Aviacordion Slider.

    When one of the slides links to a page and you have a text overlay (like the first slide in, only clicking on the image will take you to the linked URL, but not when you click on the text overlay. I saw several persons trying to click on the headline and description of the text overlay (because you get the hand cursor as soon as you mouse over the slide) and they thought there was an error or something wasn’t working. It wasn´t until I told them to click on the image, avoiding the text overlay, that they could reach the target URL.

    Please fix this ASAP.


    Confirmed it seems only the image can be linked and not the hover text by default.

    EDIT: by the way I love that accordion slider almost as much as the Newscast one


    Thanks for the hint. I’ll report it to Kriesi and ask him to release an update asap.


    It is definitely something Kriesi missed on Corona because I just checked Newcast:

    and such issue is not present in its Aviacordion Slider.


    The problem is that users can now add html content (for example hyperlinks) into that content area. Thats a feature that was requested quite often for almost every slider I have created in the past. Since nesting 2 hyperlinks within each other would probably result in buggy behaviour i decided to display the text outside of the link. (also to make sure that no invalid html nesting is generated, since p and div tags are not allowed within a)

    For now I can only recommend to add a link somewhere in the textarea by hand if you want to link the text as well. I will consider changing that, or maybe I can find a smarter solution for the issue. Will keep you posted if something comes to mind :)


    update: I came up with a javascript solution that checks if the user has set his/her own link. if thats not the case the text will trigger the same event as the image (openening url, opening lightbox, displaying embedded video)

    will be released with the next theme update ;)


    Confirmed. This has been resolved with the latest update.!/Kriesi/status/121537237581176832

    Thanks a lot Kriesi!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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