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    Not sure why this was closed (maybe because I asked a new question from the original ones): (Purchase code hidden if logged out) “> (Purchase code hidden if logged out) but since it was closed, I figured I would start a new thread.

    I’ve searched these forums in hopes I could work out the answer myself but came up with nothing. The question again, for ease, is:

    Also wondering where I can read information about setting up the forum? There isn’t anything in the documentation regarding it and it isn’t clear how to, after installing bbPress.

    I am obviously missing something, as there really is zero information on setting up the forums in the documentation.



    If you mean how to display the forum:

    Just make a new page for your forum and add any of these shortcodes:


    Thanks Kyena for helping out!

    Sorry for closing the topic prematurely Pixelnourish. Neither Ismael or I registered your other question. As you know the forum is supplied through a plugin called bbPress. Kriesi only supplies a skin for the forum so the best place for documentation is at bbPress’ website



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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