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    Hi All,

    1. I’d like to create a page similar to the demo -http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold/portfolio/portfolio-ajax/ – specifically the content slider. My goal is to have 8 different galleries: gallery on the left, text on the right; and I don’t want it as a pop-up. I think I’m close, but I’m unable to figure out how to have all 8 galleries in one side similar to this: Screenshot of how I want the content slider
    Here is the page I’m attempting this on: http://www.sistahhollywood.com/spring-2014-trend-report/

    2. For a gallery, when you hover over any thumbnail – the image filename appears. How can I remove that withOUT removing the Description text?

    3. Big Preview images: Here is the link: http://www.sistahhollywood.com/spring-2014-trend-report/. How do I get the Big Preview images at the same height? Not, when you click on it to maximize it, but when you’re click through the gallery via the thumbnail. You’ll notice images are showing at different heights.

    Thanks so much for your time.


    Hi Sistah!

    1.) Insert a color section then place a 2/3 and 1/3 column layouts side by side. Insert the gallery element on the 2/3 column and the text block inside the 1/3 column.

    2.) That is a browser feature that the theme can’t control. You can’t disable that without disabling the image title attribute.

    3.) Add this on Quick CSS or custom.css:

    #top div .avia-gallery .avia-gallery-big img {
    height: 100%;

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    1, 2 – THANKS!
    3. Didn’t work. Here is what my Quick CSS currently looks like:

    div.ppt {
    display: none!important;
    #top div .avia-gallery .avia-gallery-big img {
    height: 100%;



    1. This didn’t work either. I need the text to change for each gallery. There are 8 different galleries, I have 8 different verbiage per gallery … I want to achieve exactly what your demo does.

    Please see screenshot:


    When you click the left or right arrow on the content slider, the text changes for each gallery.


    UPDATE 2:
    3. Worked; Chrome caching is killing me.
    But 1 is still an open issue.



    This didn’t work either. I need the text to change for each gallery. There are 8 different galleries, I have 8 different verbiage per gallery … I want to achieve exactly what your demo does.

    I suggest to use the ajax portfolio if you want to get exactly the same styling. Other elements can’t reproduce the same layout. If you just want as similar layout I suggest to use a content slider as the base element and then paste in your gallery shortcodes and text content (gallery description) into the slide text field. I suggest to use two editors side by side to generate the shortcodes with one editor and to build the advanced layout with another. I made a short demonstration video: http://www.screenr.com/0oUN

    While I made the video I noticed that you might want to add this code to thee quick css field:

    body .slide-entry .column-top-margin {
    margin-top: 0;

    to avoid different column positions.



    Hi Dude,

    I’ll give it a shot…But still having an issue with the images not being the same height.

    Ismael – this css: `#top div .avia-gallery .avia-gallery-big img {
    height: 100%;

    works in FireFox but stretches the images in Chrome way beyond their 670px height – no good. Please feel free to take a look: http://www.sistahhollywood.com/spring-2014-trend-report/ … And for some reason in Chrome, it removed the thumbnails from under the big preview from 2 – 4. #veryfrustrating

    Is there documentation or a post somewhere that tells us what sizes these images should be to begin with? So it looks correct/good across browsers just like your demo … This way we can avoid having to constantly tweak the CSS.



    Please try to deactivate the “force same size” option on the gallery settings page and remove Ismaels code: http://www.clipular.com/c/4558900862910464.png?k=W6jIMFeM6rRErlw1cmVNl0_119M

    Best regards,

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