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    I have recently purchased Flashlight, and i have the following questions

    1. What could the problem be here? (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /
    2. How can i achive, to have left menu column and photo backround steady (without moving), and only data column to be able to scroll up and down as shown here?
    3. Can menu options be removed from top of pages and be displayed only on the left column?

    i thank you



    Hey ksahlos!

    1.) What do you mean? Did you set a featured image?

    2.) You can use the Gallery Options. Upload an image and use it as Image List attached to the entry then there will be another option to use it as Background.

    3.) Can you please create a mockup of what you want to do? You can add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS to hide the top menu:

    .sub_menu {
    display: none;

    Go to Appearance > Menu and add the shop menu items on the main menu.



    Hello friend Ismael

    Q3 and Q1 is ok. Thank you

    About question 2, sorry, maybe i was not clear enought, so i will refrace.
    As you can see on this page (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -gift-packaging/#lightbox[auto_group1]/0/
    and the same happens to all my pages in the site,
    at the top of the second column where data is displayed, there is a gap showing a line of backround picture. Shouldnt the two these columns be leveled, and the data column to touch the top of screen without leaving gap?




    The above problem, from what i can see here occurs to Chrome browser but not ios and Explorel




    I’m sorry but can you please post a screenshot of the issue on this page? (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -gift-packaging/

    Also, add the screenshot of the fixed version so that we’ll know what to change. You can use imgur, dropbox, mediafire etc to post the screenshot.



    Hello Ismael.

    Thank you, but the prblem was just fixed.

    The only questions i have at the moment, is why,
    1. after i actvated woocommerce and added some products, even thou my settings on ‘products’ page are set for small, main page heading
    AND individual product pages
    appear large.
    2. When shop proctus are ‘out of stock’, when hover on a product pic, of the main products page, ‘READ MORE’ and ‘SHOW DETAILS’ both appear, doing exactly the same. Can one of the two is removed?




    1) You can add following code and adjust as desired

    .shop_columns_3 .products .product { width: 14.5%; }

    2) Please add following code to Quick CSS in Flashlight theme options under Styling tab

    #top div .thumbnail_container .show_details_button { display: none; }



    Hi and thank you
    ok number 2
    Where code for solution 1 should be placed?



    It should be added in Quick CSS as well :)



    installed in quick css but didnt work. instead of getting just page heading smaller, it makes smaler everything on page



    Please try adding following code to Quick CSS and adjust as desired

    .page-title cufon canvas { width: 150px!important; height: 44px!important; }


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    Hello Yigit
    Unfortunately,installed in quick css but this didnt work either.
    Instead of getting just ‘products’ page heading smaller, it affects ALL fonts and everything on ALL site pages.



    I updated the code in my previous post. Please try adding it instead



    Hi Yigit
    Yes i know you have chanched the code.
    I have tried, but as i said in my previous post, …

    Instead of getting just ‘products’ page heading smaller, it affects ALL fonts and everything on ALL site pages.




    This should do it and just modify as needed:

    #top.single-product .post-title.big_title {
    font-size: 30px !important;

    Best regards,


    Hello Devin
    Thank you very much.
    This corrected the single-product heading.
    But still, the main product page the heading is not changed. Need new script?

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