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    I am developping my booksecommerce site on your theme (it is really simple. Thanks a lot)

    Here are the questions, i need your help

    On the product pages,

    – I would like to add social sharing buttons (Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest). Do you recommend a specific plugin ? Because social linkz that I use on a other site do not work well

    – I would like to add change the name of 2 tabs

    – I would like to add some tabs or to add some specific area (as related products)

    – I would like to erase the name of the tab on the text zone

    – I would like to use facebook comments vs wordpress comments

    On the order page, I would like to delete some requested items (as company or telephone)to focus on key items

    I do not manage to change sub navigation. When i change it on sub abundance menu, the submenu disappear. How can I change it

    Last point, how can I add some new widget (Facebook ones’) on the left sidebar

    Thanks a lot for your help

    best regards



    Hi Anacaona,

    Quite a few questions and I’ll try to answer as best I can :

    1) I don’t have a specific recommendation on a plugin but if you find one where you can add the php call into the theme files yourself it might give you a little bit more control and make it easier to integrate.

    2+3+4) I’m not sure how you would add/customize tabs on the product page as they are controlled by the WooCommerce plugin and not the theme.

    5) I’ve not implemented facebook comments before so I’m unfortunately not much help on that. I’m betting that there are at least a few good tutorials on this out there however so you shouldn’t have much trouble.

    6) This has been asked a few times but I’ve not seen a good resolution for it yet as this is also controlled via the WooCommerce settings and not part of what the theme does. You can try the WooCommerce forums as we don’t have much ability to provide support directly for the plugin.

    7) You need to create your own sub menu in the Menus manager then assign it to the Sub Menu drop down to the right of the menus manager.

    8) You can add widgets to the sidebars in the Appearance>Widgets area.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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