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    I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago about Internet Explorer. At that time I thought it was just an issue with IE10. But I keep getting emails and calls from my client who says customers are having problems with the shop functionality. They are getting the same issues as per the video that was made by the client using IE10. I know that you guys checked this from your end and had no problems. However here some people seem to be having issues with IE7, IE8, and IE9. Most of the present clientele are fishermen who live here in Australia or in New Zealand.

    I just want to resolve this but not sure what to do. This is not the final website for the client – it is just his temporary shop. The full site is still being worked on. I don’t want to have to start over with a new theme. But obviously I have to if I can’t get the site shop to work.

    One other thing – On category pages there is an option to view alphabetically, price or recent. I have a shop by species list of categories. With these categories there are various types of fishing lures. The clients wants the soft plastic lures to appear first as they are his speciality products. Is there anyway I can dictate what appears first on these category pages?

    As always, I appreciate all the assistance provided here.

    Thanks in advance.


    Just a short update. I have just found out that my client had his old website redirected to the new website URL. But this was not done correctly. When you put the old website URL in the browser you do get redirected to the website BUT no matter where you go on the website the URL in the browser still is I had only been analysing the problems through the new website URL and so I didn’t see any of these issues. Looking at the website through I have come across a few things that I have already fixed. This error in redirection was obviously a major part of the problem.

    FYI The reason that the customers are going to the new shop via is because it is on all the packaging! My client still visits the website via his old website. That’s why he is also having problems!!

    I am borrowing a PC tomorrow so that I can check the extra plugins on the site (with IE) to see if there are any other issues there.

    I have a feeling that it was mainly the redirection. Will check these things and advise on IE.

    As always, thanks.


    This problem is solved. The theme does work with Internet Explorer 10 as well.

    The problem was the hosting company had cloaking on the redirection from the old website to the new one. This caused all the problems. Of course I was using the new website address all the time so I didn’t see these areas.



    Hey alderinos,

    Thank you for the updates and follow up! Its actually really helpful to not only us but other users who go searching for something similar.



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