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    i want to setup my first shop and i have 3 nooby Questions:


    which kriesi theme is best for that…

    can i use choices for that too?


    which shop theme is best in your opinion?

    any suggestions which shop theme i can buy

    or is the ABUNDANCE all in one?


    what about magento?

    is this nearly the same as ABUNDANCE?

    the most important thing for me is that i can translate the whole shop

    to german and english.

    thx for Feedback.


    1) Choices doesn’t support WooCommerce yet but Kriesi is thinking about an integration. I’ll ask him if there’s a final decision now.

    2) It’s hard to say because Abundance is was created as dedicated shop theme. Thus it’s perfectly optimized for WooCommerce. However Propulsion offers more features like bbpress support and portfolio items and it’s responsive – compared to Abundance it’s imho the better theme because of the additional features. If Choices supports WooCommerce in the future it will be the best theme for WooCommerce because it offers more features than Propulsion + its design is imho better.

    3) Magento is a dedicated shopping platform and can’t be compared to WP + WooCommerce + our themes. It depends on your requirements and experience. Magento works quite different compared to WordPress and it’s like comparing a racing car with a jeep – both will bring you from A to B but depending on the streets you’ll probably prefer one over the other…


    ok i will wait and will buy then choices again. if it not comes for choices i will buy the propulsion.

    propulsion is perfectly optimized for WooCommerce too u mean?

    Thx for feedback.



    Yes, propulsion is woocommerce ready. :)




    ok just bought it :) thx.



    Great – closing this thread now :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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