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    Hi there, have noticed that with the shop filter (by price, alphabetical etc.), that the filter seems to work on a page by page basis. So if I am viewing the shop by” alphabetical” and am on page 3, then I change the filter to “price”, the page view is for page 3, rather than taking you back to the start of the shop at page 1. This is different to how the category filters work. With each of these, you go back to the start of the catalogue.

    Is there a way of changing how the price, alphabetical etc filters work so that when you change the filter, it takes you back to the start of the shop listing?

    Many thanks,



    Hi Susan,

    As far as I know this is just the way Woo Commerce chooses to filter products. It would need to be modified at the plugin level rather than by the theme which isn’t something we can assist with. Although, I’m not completely sure it is easily doable as the product filter is a taxonomy level filter (where its actually using wordpress to filter the post types) whereas the price is filtering custom fields.




    Ok, fair enough Devin. Thanks for your help. susan

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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