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    Hi, I am looking for a simple way of aligning non post content horizontally across the page. (Picture, Text) I want this simple format repeated many times per page is (picture) (text). I am new to WP and I was hoping that Corona could do that as shown in the Portfolio 1-Column layout however upon using it I found that each entry had to be a separate ‘page’ or ‘post’ when I really just want that presentation format to contain many pictures and descriptions of each picture, with the goal of showing a process, or a series of steps to the viewer. Even more ideally, I would want to display a picture on the left with the built in tabbed-shortcode on the right of each photo.

    I came across the simple plugin “Column Shortcodes, v0.4”. It allows you to easily format text horizontally across a page using short-codes, however it does not work from within the Corona theme. It works fine from within twenty-ten. How can I get this plugin to work from within the theme? I did some searching but could not locate any general WP practices that might indicate how this is done for custom themes.


    If you have suggestions I could do this outside of a third party plugin I would be interested to hear that as well.

    Thanks for your help!


    Hi Craig,

    The theme actually already comes with shortcodes to do that and more. See:

    When viewing the visual editor there should be a little magic wand icon that when clicked brings up the shortcode menu. Then just select the column shortcode and pick your options.




    Thanks for the reply Devin, so I uninstalled that plugin and am trying out the built in short-codes. Once I uninstalled the plugin the column layout began to work, but I cannot get the content slider nor the tabs to work correctly. When viewing this page I have 4 sections of shortcode. First should be setup for 2 tabs, next are 2 content slides, and the third is a one third/two thirds column which is working correctly, lastly I added a toggle which shows up but is not click-able and the content is not able to be displayed. Do you have any thoughts as to why these will not display correctly for me?




    SOLVED – Deactivated all of my plugins, found the culprit and Deleted it… Thanks Again!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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