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    this is the first time that I use a Kriesi’s template, but there are a serious problem.

    Choices it’s a nice theme (congratulations), but i can’t use it because the Shortcodes don’t work, except “Dividers” and “Dropcaps.”

    Without shortcodes, i can’t build the site for an important customer.

    I’ve tried using different browsers on different PCs (Mac, Windows, iPad), but the result does not change.

    I’ve read another topic about a dialog.php file replacement, but don’t work.

    Waiting for a solution (please soon), can I have a list of all shortcodes?

    (like: [dropcap2] A [/ dropcap2])

    So, if you can not find a solution, you can get me a refund?

    Choices ver. 1.6

    Wordpress (english translation) ver. 3.5

    PhP ver. 05/03/19

    Best regards

    Davide from Italy


    I’ve upload the same theme on another provider ad work



    Please look at the image http://i.imgur.com/hz2rB.jpg

    Are you sure you are inserting the shortcodes correctly?

    [big_box left="ST" bellow="September"]21[/big_box]





    yes I insert the shortcodes correctly.

    I use shortcodes in other themes without problems



    Please take off your plugins and try again or reinstall. I have no issues at all using any shortcode. The problem like this 9/10 times has to do with a 3rd party plugin getting in the way.




    There are no plugin on my site!


    Hi Davide ,

    Do you know what the differences are between your two providers? We’ve seen the occasional user who isn’t able to get the shortcode editor to work but as of yet I’ve not be able to find what server setting/setup is causing the issue since its so isolated.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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