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    Hey guys,

    There have been a few issues/bugs over the last month or so that were passed on to Kriesi. Are we going to be getting an update to Shoutbox any time soon?





    all prominent bugs are reported to Kriesi, he’ll take a look at the issues and provide solutions if needed. Could you specify which issues/bugs we’re talking about?


    These are the main ones I recall:

    1. Widgets for Categories option not working (Theme Options/Sidebar/…). (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    2. Latest posts duplicating in blog slideshow and blog list. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -page-shoutbox-theme#post-30128

    3. Images attaching to “avia_logo” and not correct post name in the media library. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-post#post-30518

    4. Slider play button not working on full width slideshows.

    (I have since removed the buttons on my site so they aren’t visible now)

    5. Autorotation of Featured posts in blog slider.

    There may be others, but these are the ones I recall.

    I also think there are a couple of improvements that should be made to the template builder. I’ve already mentioned these and I believe Kriesi was looking into them.

    1. Adding the ability to apply a custom template to the current post and page when the template uses columns. I think this is pretty fundamental.

    2. The ability to rename and/or duplicate templates made with the Template builder.

    3. Inserting the widgets created in columns into a white container (div). The whole theme is based around this design, so it seems odd to have column widgets floating over the background with no container.


    Any news?




    Rumblefish you seem to be very unlucky, I keep coming across topics created by you that have gone unanswered :$

    Shoutbox received an update recently, it was mainly to fix WP3.3 issues. Let us know if there are things left unsolved and I’ll forward it to Kriesi right away.


    Hey Chris,

    Where is the link to the update. I don’t see it anywhere on Themeforest?

    I won’t know which things have been update or changed until I see the log. I think there are various things which could be improved in the theme but I don’t think Kriesi is going to do that with Shoutbox. He seems to release new themes taking bits that work from the previous ones. A revamp of Shoutbox or Shoutbox 2 doesn’t look like its going to happen, which is a shame because its actually a very good theme for people who are new to WP.





    you can download the update by going to the “Downloads” area (hover over your themeforest username on the right and click on “Downloads” when the dropdown list appears). You’ll download the latest theme version automatically when you download “Shoutbox” again.


    Ok, I have it now, thanks.

    Is the only change the Google Chrome fix that was posted here on the forums? If that’s all I might not bother to update it since I already put that fix in.




    Yup, the latest version states:

    December 20th 2011

    file: style.css: fixed a bug in google chrome + updated version number


    Was this ever sorted out, because I’ve noticed it’s still happening now and again with images that I’m, uploading to the Library:

    3. Images attaching to “avia_logo” and not correct post name in the media library. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-post#post-30518

    The images are in the post ok, but what seems to happen is that they are not being put in the correct monthly folder in WP “Uploads”, which obviously makes backing up stuff more complicated since new files are being added to old folders.




    Kriesi posted a “fix” here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) (actually it’s not a real fix because it’s a feature and not a bug :) )


    Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks Dude!

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