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    hi there

    when I am looking at a blog post, or do a search, on the left hand side I get a menu called “pages”, which shows all the pages in the site, including all system pages for woocommerce (like change password, track order etc).

    see: http://www.re-trend.no/test/hello-world/

    How can I remove that? It doesn’t make any sense for people to see that when in the blog area… I just can’t find where to disable it.

    thank you for your help



    Hi andrea,

    That sounds like the default sidebar content. Try going into Appearance>Widgets and just add an empty text widget to each of the sidebar areas. Then when you are ready to populate the sidebars with your own content you can add the widgets to those widget areas.




    Hi dialogue99,

    Kindly open wp-contentthemesabundancesidebar.php and find this code line 96-98:


    remove only:


    if you are planning to remove all those default widgets, just remove the 3 avia_dummy widget. Hope this helps.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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