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    One of my problems was to change the font of the sidebar (main menu), but now it is solved. I could change the font with the code you gave me, but I would like to change the font sizes for blog entries and pages titles (they are too big if you compare them with the menu font size), so…I would like to know:

    1- How can I change the blog entries font sizes (sizes, bold, regular, etc), and also page titles sizes, bold, etc.




    in your style.css find

    #top .post-title

    You can change the title size there.

    Your content font size is being set to very small in your tables, I have no idea how you’re inserting these tables but I can’t help you with these unless I know where your tables with content are coming from. (Note: you don’t need tables at all to create the layouts you’re using).


    Hi Chris, thanks for your answer. I am worried, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH “TABLES”, could you help me?.





    add following code to css/custom.css:

    body .entry-content {
    font: 12px/1.7em "Times New Roman",Times,serif;

    #top .post-title {
    font-size: 16px;

    You can change the font size (and or font family, add font weight attributes, etc). For headlines within the content you can use

    .entry-content h1 {
    font-size: 16px;

    and replace h1 with h2, h3, etc. and the font size value.


    Hi!!!, Thanks, I’ve done it. I’ve replaced 16px for 12px (I like small fonts), and I’ve also change Times NR for Arial, and it is working well.


    I do not understand what you mean with h1, h2, h3

    I pasted

    .entry-content h1 {

    font-size: 16px;


    (but I changed the value to 12), but I do not know what it is: h1, h2, h3, could you explain this to me?, thanks. And…how can I change from regular to bold or inverse.


    Html headlines can be h1 (biggest headline) to h6 (smallest headline). Basically you can apply any font size to them (even the same font size which doesn’t make sense of course). So if you’d like to resize the biggest headline use: .entry-content h1

    If you’d like to resize the h2 headlines use: .entry-content h2 , etc.


    Now it is clear, thank you!!!,

    And what about the tables Chris has mentioned?, I did not follow him.

    Another thing: everytime I make a change in custom.css I do it in the flashlight folder I have in my mac, and then I remove the flashlight theme from WordPress and re-install it with the changes…Is there any other way to do it?, can I add code in custom.css directly from my site dashboard in wordpress?.



    1) To be honest I don’t know it too. Maybe he just answered the wrong thread (happens to me too sometimes).

    2) You can use cpanel (if your hoster offers it) or ftp clients like filezilla to access the theme files directly. The WP admin panel doesn’t show all files.


    Thanks!!!, I will check with my host supplier.

    Thank you again!!!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Hey, the only thing I would like to know now is HOW TO CHANGE FROM REGULAR TO BOLD OR FROM BOLD TO REGULAR the fonts:

    A- side bar fonts (menu).

    B- post tittle fonts.



    As for the tables issue, your images and image captions are put in tables, which isn’t a problem anymore.

    Sidebar main titles:

    In your style.css find

    .main_menu .menu li a strong

    change the font weight from “normal” to “bold”.

    Sidebar title descriptions:

    in your minimal-skin.css find

    .main_menu .menu li a span {

    between the brackets add


    Post titles:

    in your custom.css find

    #top .post-title

    as above, add this between the brackets:


    I hope this helps :)


    Hi Chris, it helps!. Thank you!, regarding tables: maybe in my blog some images seem to be in tables because I have imported them from blogger, could be that?.

    Another thing: when I go through WordPress to edit my Style.css, I found that I have:

    1- style.css (where the real code is), but I also have:

    2- ._style.css, and if I click there, it shows the following:

    Mac OS X 2��ATTR;�����9�*�;4ebaf103;Firefox;|org.mozilla.firefoxutf-8;134217984This resource fork intentionally left blank ��





    Yes, blogger could do that.

    ._style.css is for editing the file on a computer running Mac OSX, you only need to have style.css uploaded to your FTP.


    Hi Chris, had follow the above conversation but no luck for me. I just need to increase the Font for the Main menu and Sidebar.



    could you link to your site please? This way we can give specific instructions.

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