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    Is it possible to get more detailed explanation of how to use the sidebar? I looked at the documentation that came with Flashlight, but it’s a little vague. Or maybe there’s a quirk and mine just isn’t working properly. I was playing around with one of my pages, creating a widget for archives & placing it in the Sidebar. However, no matter which sidebar I pick for it to show in (sidebar page, sidebar blog), it’s not showing up. I have tried both default and display right sidebar on the page itself, but still nothing.

    A little baffled… If it helps, my site is





    These are the options you can use to create a right sidebar.

    1.) Go to Theme Options > Sidebar > Do you want to display a right sidebar by default?, choose “Yes, display right sidebar”.

    2.) Edit a post or page then look for “Do you want to display a sidebar?”, choose “Yes, display right sidebar”.

    3.) If you want a unique sidebar for a specific page, you can go to Theme Options > Sidebar >Add new widget areas for pages and categories: select a page or category then go to Appearance > Widgets to supply the widgets on the new widget area.

    Don’t forget to update and remove browser history/cache.




    Followed your advice:

    1) Done

    2) Done

    3) Not worrying about that right now

    I cleared cache, etc. and the page I’m testing is still not showing a sidebar. In the Widgets, I have Archives under Displayed Everywhere Right Sidebar. Should I have put it elsewhere? “Displayed Everywhere Sidebar”, “Displayed Everywhere Left Sidebar”, “Sidebar Page”, “Sidebar Blog”.



    What page are you testing? When I go to your website I see Archives on the right. You have it labeled as “Recent Posts” though. I also see a search box.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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