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    I am not sure why, but the topic got deleted so i have to ask it again.

    I want a sidebar menu with sub levels like




    It looks like that this wont’t work with the sidebar, so how can i do that?



    Help please.



    I deleted the thread because it was a duplicate. I answered it here:





    my problem is different i guess. I try to explain it as good as i can.

    Here is a graphic:

    As you can see, i have 2 main items. “API” and “Settings”

    Each of this main items has child items.

    Currently “API” has one child item called “Permission functions”.

    “Settings” has the child item “General Settings”.

    There are many thing i really don’t like.

    First of all the sub items do not get displayed well. I mean you can’t really see that this is a sub item from XXX.

    Also if you clock on a sub item it does not get highlighted like a main item (it i just in white color).

    If i click on “Settings” then the “Permission functions” just disappears.

    I really love this teplate and is almost perfect, but most of the other wordpress templates handle this menues way better.

    It is really important for me to have a good menu, at the current state it is not usable.



    Well, i was able to fix the problem with the disappearing item, by selecting a specific menu for the sidebar.

    But it does still look pretty boring. The whole template looks amazingm but this point ruins it :(


    I think the “Custom menu” widget will solve the problem. It intends sub-menu items and highlights the current item

    However I’ll mark this thread for Kriesi – maybe he wants to change the sub-menu styling based on your feedback.


    I use the custom menue widget, but for me it looks like that:



    Use a right sidebar to make it look like Dude’s screenshot above.





    thanks this works, but in my opinion it looks still not pretty good.

    Can i also expect that it will work on the left side too soon?

    Cause i really want it on the left side.

    Thanks :)



    You can add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS to create an indent on the menus when you have a left sidebar.

    #top .widget ul.sub-menu {
    padding-right: 20px;




    Thanks i will try this tomorrow.

    Anyways a reply from Kriesi would be nice :)




    I tagged this thread for Kriesi’s attention.




    Thanks :)

    Feels a bit weird talking english on a german forum ^^

    Aber was solls :P



    Did the indent code work?





    the dots are on the wrong side i guess?



    Do you have a url where we can see the entire code as it is difficult to guess your exact setup with so many possibilities. You can use to keep the url private.




    Unfortunately i can’t give the url out since it is private at the moment.

    But i did not modified anytinhg. I just added the code from above to the quick css, so you should be able to get exact the same result ;)


    Hey! The dots are where they are supposed to be :)

    Since you are the first person who does not like the styling of the menu and wants something different while others seem to like it, I probably wont change the menu anytime in the future :)

    You can always post a link to a menu styling you like and we can then decide if we can provide you with the css modifications that are necessary or if its out of the scope of the support and you need to get a Developer to work an hour or so to change it ;)



    sorry for the late replay.. Well a very good looking one is this:

    Off course it has a 3 sub level, unfortunately i can’t demonstrate them, but as you may thought, if you click on a entry with sub levelsm then it will open.

    It look’s so much better, and very structured.


    Hey! Looks nice as well, but I am not really sure if I would like that skin on Enfold, since the theme tries to be as clutter free as possible :)

    Doing the css modifications for the menu would probably take up an hour or two, so its unfortunately a little out of the support we provide here but you can always hire a freelancer at to get the job done for you :)

    Only things necessary are some CSS knowledge and a good debugging tool like firebug :)

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