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    on the product page, when you scroll down to read the description, the sidebar is moving up when the background slideshow changes the slides, see example and scroll to read the description.

    also the shortcodes javascript window is blank, i can’t use the shortcodes feature, perhaps you could be so kind to give a list with manual shortcodes, that is happening on “abundance” too, i can’t figure it out why, no other plugins installed except woocommerce.

    any ideas?

    thank you



    Hey! An update for the jumping sidebar is already in the queue, once it is aproved by themeforest you can update the theme and it should work without problems

    However I cannot reproduce the shortcode problem. does it work with woocommerce deactivated? Are you using the latest version of both the plugin and the theme? Which browser and OS? Every bit of information helps :)


    thanks, chris, for the reply

    for the sidebar, i’ve noticed is only happening on big resolution, iit worked on a 15″ laptop, but is doing the same on my 17″.

    for the shortcodes, i have the same problem on “abundance”, i already read some posts – there are others too who have – or had – this problem, one of the solutions proposed here was to uninstall some plugins, that’s why i mentioned it was no plugin installed except woocommerce. i am using the latest versions of both themes (i just bought them a few days ago), os is win7 64 (after 2 days of browsing on this subject, it seems that could be a problem, but i have no other os here to try), i have the same blank window on ie, firefox and chrome, but that’s still no such a big problem if you could give me a source to enter the shortcodes manual, i don’t mind, the themes are far too good to mind the shortcodes js window… anyway, congratulations for your work, i saw many wp themes but on my opinion these are the most advance themes i ever had…

    best regards



    thank you, got the update to 1.5.1 – everything seems fine under FF but there are still some issues under IE, on shop page, the whole content, including the sidebar, is scrolling into a smaller frame (… also, the woocommerce single product still refuses to show the product price (that’s due to the woocommerce 1.4.1 update which has now a separate “price.php”, isn’t it?)

    best regards





Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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