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    Please, see this single product page: . The question is: what is the reason of such alignment of sidebar layout? Maybe, there are some widgets with such width of sidebars? Because now the widgets use only half of sidebars place.

    And, is it possible to place the widgets close to each other (2 widgets in row), in order to get something likes double sidebars layout?



    The problem is that the units class is missing. Normally the sidebar classes should look like:

    alpha four units prev_image_container

    In your case it looks like:

    alpha units prev_image_container

    and the “four” class is missing but it’s important because it determines the width/grid elements. Maybe it’s an issue with the old 1.8 version and WC2.0 but I’m not sure. Please update to version 1.9.1 (latest version of Propulsion) and check if the update solves your sidebar issue.


    Hi, Dude

    Thank you for answer. There were Propulsion 1.8 and woocommerce 1.6.6 on my test istallation with dummy content. Now I have done all updates, and I’ve also deactivated others plugins, but it doesn’t help me with alignment of the sidebar . – theme version, – installed plugins.

    Maybe, this is some hosting problem? Because in this installation of theme everything looks like default.

    May I fix this manually? By the way, if the “double” sidebars for product pages is possible with some modifications, is will be also well for design of single product page, I suppose..Another decision is align=”right” for widgets for this sidebar. Please, help me.



    Right now on this page Do you have a snapshot how it looked originally?




    Oh, I cannot understand, how it is possible?



    I have already checked this page in the other decktop (under windows XP SP3) and in the Opera too – everything is the same with my screenshots. I have not ideas about..



    So those 2 images is how you want everything to be? Please forget image I posted, I was testing css. I can make the left sidebar a bit more centered and wider. Is that all?




    I see.

    1. Now it looks like double sidebars in the left side, but without of the “first” sidebar. If it is possible to have this double sidebars layout for the single product page, it will be great, I think, but it requires more modifications of code, maybe. So the other way is the simple left sidebar, as you offer: “a bit more centered and wider” That’s all, you right, exactly.

    2. Maybe, you also agree with me about of the size of price. My customer says about: the size is too small, but the visitors must see the prices better (firstly), because it is important information for them. I think, he is right, and hope, it isn’t hardly to do with help of custom CSS.

    Thank you for kindness. Hope, you also help to other “propulsion”-customers too with this issue, not only for me.


    Hey fotomaster,

    How did you do the update of the theme files? Just wondering if there might have been an issue with the update or if there is something else going on.




    Hey Devin,

    I just replaced the folder with theme via FTP. Then I updated the woocommerce to 2.02 (and 2.03 today). But I installed all to the “test2” subfolder (absolute clear wp 3.5.1 one more time in the testing reason, and the problem with single product sidebar is there: (I didn’t import the dummy content in that time).

    Nobody has the same issue here?

    Also see there, how the content is shown in description tab (not the short description tab, but the next tab, before review tab). Need allow the shortcodes for all tabs in such product pages..


    So far no, this is the only instance I’m seeing this issue. Even on my live test install I’m not having the same issue under any circumstances.


    Dear Devin, how is aligned the sidebar of single production page in your test installation?


    Ah, there go. Looks like its from some css added in with version 1.5. Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #top.single-product .units.sidebar_right {
    float: none !important;

    That fixes the sidebar from showing incorrect in the area. The layout however still doesn’t support actually moving the position of the sidebar and price name/checkout section on individual product pages. That would need to be changed with a theme update.




    Dear Devin, thank you! This CSS works perfectly for me! With sidebar with some woocomerce widgets the single product layout looks much better.


    Glad we could help :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.

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