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    hi guys

    i am having some trouble with the enfold theme:

    1. on my portfolio, the single entries seam to be different sizes, even if they are not. there is a gap between the items on top and those in the second row. http://new.raffaello.name/portfolio/projects/

    2. how can i get rid of the word “projects” on top in the side menu? http://new.raffaello.name/portfolio/projects/

    the same happens here: how can i get rid of the word “projects” on top in the side menu?

    3. i want to get rid of the page name and one of the lines on top. how can i do that?

    4. how can i get rid of the navigation on the header?

    thank you in advance! ;-)


    Hi Cdfb,

    1) This css in your Quick CSS is causing the issue:

    .grid-entry.flex_column.isotope-item.all_sort.no_margin.post-entry.av_one_third {
    min-height: 243px !important;
    height: 243px !important;

    Its forcing the height to exactly 243px on those elements which is not tall enough for the 3rd image.

    2) Go to the theme options Sidebar options and choose not to display Page Sidebar navigation.

    3 and 4) On any page you can turn off the header from the Layout meta box on the right hand side of the page.




    Hi Devin

    Thank you for the answer.

    Still having two issues:

    1. I want to get rid of the Main Navigation on the header.

    If I turn off the header from the layout meta box I also loose the logo which I want to keep.

    2. On these two pages I do have the name of the Page on the side navigation:

    http://new.raffaello.name/portfolio/projects/ – PROJECTS

    http://new.raffaello.name/pages/contact/ – CONTACT

    How do I get rid of these?

    Thank you



    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options to remove main navigation and side navigation

    #header_main_alternate { display: none; }

    #top .widget_nav_menu .nested_nav { display: none; }




    Hi Yigit

    Thank you for the answer. I pasted the code you send me but now I still have some issues:

    1. On the following two pages the side menu is not in the same height than it is on the other pages. It is somehow below.



    2. I do not have a responsive navigation anymore.

    How do I proceed?




    Hi Carolina,

    Can you create a temporary admin login and send it to me on ? I did not think about mobile navigation. I can fix it quickly


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    Hi Ygit

    Just send you a mail! :-)


    Yeay! It worked! Shall the web-god bless you cracks for the great support!

    Thaaaanks a looot Ygit!



    Amen! ;D

    You are welcome, glad we could help.



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