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    Hi, Is there anyway to create different or more sidebars for different product pages in woocommerce with abundance, I would like to have different sidebars for different categories, right down to individual product page. I notice that woo themes have a Sidebar manager as part of their framework and that would be a perfect solution


    Hi imacg,

    If I’m not mistaken this isn’t easily accomplished – if it’s even possible. As I’m sure you know Abundance comes with a built-in sidebar manager (Abundance > Theme Options > Sidebar) which will create unique sidebars to “Pages” or “Post Categories” but not “Products” and “Product Categories”. I believe the reason for that is that “Products” are a custom post type and not classified by WordPress as a “Page” like About Us, Contact Us or even Shop.

    I’m going to flag the rest of the the support team though to see if they may know something I don’t.





    As far as I know you can use plugins like: for this task.




    Actually Widget Logic Visual is much more helpful for non php coders


    Hey Bill Karkavos,

    I had not seen that! That would be a great recommendation that I think I’ll start using :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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