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    I just installed the SleekTabs theme on my WordPress 3.3.1 installation and came across two problems:

    1) On my page I would like to use a gallery – and so far the NextGen plugin has been the best supported / useful plugin for that job. Initially the problem was, that images would fail to load. The topic here ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -gallery#post-17486) helped out a bit, but it still does not work. When opening an image, the lightbox opens – but in the background the page slides to an empty page. It seems that the theme still tries to open the link in the background. Any ideas how to stop that behavior?

    1b) The theme comes with prettyPhoto, which looks like a great lightbox. However, if I currently activate the full-screen feature and an image is higher than the screen, I’m unable to scroll to the bottom of the image within the lightbox. Instead the scroll is passed on to the background, which scrolls into infinity (and beyond).

    2) Using the SleekTabs seems to break the “Previous Page” button of both Firefox (v10.0.2) and Safari (v5.1.2). While it doesn’t break the page, it makes the navigation more cumbersome for some.

    I really like the theme, so I hope someone can help me out with these issues. Thanks in advance!


    Hi Jallist,

    Do you have a live site we can take a look at? It helps to inspect the code live to diagnose problems.

    Thanks :)



    installed sleektabs with wordpress 3.3.1. Manually installed the theme. To get back to the dashboard or any WP editing area (back end) the theme puts a leading hashtag (#) in the URL. How do I make it stop or is it just not compatible with 3.3.1?


    I’ve forwarded the issue to Kriesi so he can take a look at it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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