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    I updated to the new WOrdpress and now none of my slide shows or photo/headers are NOT SHOWING…HELP right away please.



    Try to deactivate all plugins – maybe one conflicts with WP3.4. I updated all my websites to 3.4 and 3 of them use Propulsion and I didn’t encounter any slideshow problems/js errors yet.

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    Ok, so the problem is the WOO COMMERCE Plugin. GREAT…so what do I do now? That is why I bought this theme to be able to use the store feature.

    Deleted the plug in and then reinstalled. Now, I lost everything I had it the store! And I don’t have all the pages that were installed the first time like cart, check out etc. Where do I find them to install?



    I’m having same problem, slideshow not working. So how do we resolve?




    You need to update all your plugins – as I posted above the theme itself is compatible with the latest jquery version and probably a plugin (like WooCommerce in elames case) breaks the slider.




    @elames, you can create them yourself by creating the pages and then insert the shortcode via the WooCommerce WooButton >Pages in the Visual Editor. Another way is to let the plugin create them for you when you install it for the first time. Did you get the backup of your database restored so you got your products back?


    I am giving up on woo commerce and dumping it.

    My client uses Intuit GO PAYMENT and there is no extensions available that will work with it. I talk to the company and they suggest setting up on of their web store options. We’ll see.


    Let us know if you run into any other issues with the theme and the wordpress update.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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