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    I have the default slider that I believe is the aviaslider. When changing/sliding the image to the next one, that image comes into view and then does a small flick as it settles into its final resting place instead of being a small transistion. How can I correct this.

    Secondly, when having a caption with the image is it possible to change the black bar to a different colour or an image. I want to have the black bar if poss but with that ending with a row of colours that I have as an image. Basically I want the end of the bar to reflect the colours in the logo.




    1) Can you post a link please so that we can investigate the flickering first hand.

    2) To change the caption color/bg color open up css/custom.css and add:

    background: #000;
    color: #fff;

    You can change the color values and you can add a background image if you like.


    Can I email you the link.


    Can you create me an admin account and send me the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll look into it.


    Have sent you the details.

    Another question re the slider caption. Is it possible to only have this going say 3/4 of the way across the image.


    You can adjust the distance between the left and the right side – open up css/custom.css and add:

    left: 10px;
    right: 10px;

    You can of course increase/decrease the values or you can use percentage instead of pixels.


    Thank for all of that. The slider is working fine now and was the the image sizes. The caption box css works as well. Great themes and great support.


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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