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    We’ve been using the propulsion theme for over a year and in the last week the front page slider and all prettybox effects stopped working. I’ve tried to troubleshoot disabling plugin after plugin, but nothing seems to fix it and I’m at the end of my abilities. Could you take a look and see what I should try next? Thanks, Drew


    I have the same problem.


    Took a look at your site… Very nicely done, but I can’t seem to find where the slider is not working. Nor where the Prettybox won’t open? Can you link directly to the problem so I can see? If you have figured it out, what did you do? -Drew



    Did you just recently update your WordPress to 3.6? You can download the latest version of Replete to fix the jQuery issues.




    I am using Propulsion. What do I need to grab from the Replete theme that will fix the issue? How do I get a hold of this for free? -Drew



    You can also download the latest version of Propulsion on your themeforest account. All of the themes since 2011 have been fixed to work with the latest version of WordPress.




    Hey guys, botpix and lsmael, I like how when i go to your website and hover over your slider pics it doesn’t fade and show a zoom icon. Can you guys please tell me how I can do that on my website?

    When i go to mine, when they hover over the slider it shows fade with zoom option. I would like to change that option on the slider and another page.

    Thanks and your pages look GREAT!


    Hi isbjj,

    You can remove the link from the image by expanding the slider option for each image in your slideshow. Then for the Link option select no link.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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