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    Been tinkering around and just need to confirm.

    How to get the slider to work as a banner:

    * Get a big enough picture to cover the whole size the slider space

    * Create a category with only one post

    * Create a post in the Category and put the picture as featured

    * Select only 1 featured in slider and only the specific category

    There should be only 1 picture but when you hover it still does that thing like it wants to change pictures, but still not bad.

    Am I correct?


    Ahhh forgot to ask what is the size of the slider space?

    Been testing and it seems all pictures get resized to a size about 200px narrower than the slider when put as featured.



    Basically the steps above are correct however you need to create one post per slide because you can only apply one featured image to one post. You can adjust the thumbnail sizes in functions.php. Afterwards you need to regenerate them with:



    my concern is with this space circled in red.

    The thumbnails are OK but the slider looks like this when you have only 1 article selected.



    The newsitems slider isn’t the right slider for banners (imho) because it would require some changes to remove the item list. I’d use the standard slider (or the accordion) instead.


    That is the accordian slider :)

    Crossfade slider works with one picture only.



    Yes – I forgot that the accordion slides are smaller than the crossfade slides. You can adjust the dimensions in functions.php however the result will be wired. So basically the crossfade slider is the only/best option in your case.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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