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    I would like to start with a slider or image at a product archive page but nohting worked. http://www.superfoodkitchen.nl/shop/

    Can you help me? Thanks!

    Best regards, Anita



    Try to use the Template Builder then supply the template on the shop page. Don’t forget to add the post/page content or the Product element.




    Hi Ismael,

    Unfortunately that is not working. The slider and the right sidebar are not coming up. So I have to use default, than the right side bar is working. If I choose for a normal page instead of a product archive, I will have a slider and right sidebar, but then the price filter will not work. Woocommerce says that the price filter only works in product archives…. Difficult, what to do?

    This is a normal page: http://www.superfoodkitchen.nl/categorieen/superfoods-rawfoods/ (in the top menu)

    This is a products archive: http://www.superfoodkitchen.nl/product-categorie/hoofdcategorie/superfoods-rawfoods/ (in the right menu when you use the shop page: first http://www.superfoodkitchen.nl/shop/)

    Best regards



    Unfortunately it’s not easily possible to add a dynamic slideshow or images to the archive pages but you can “hardcode” one image into the archive content container. Open up config-woocommerce/config.php and search for following function:



    You can insert your image after following line:

    echo "<div class='template-shop content'>";

    – eg replace it with:

    echo "<div class='template-shop content'>";
    echo '<img src="http://my-image-url" alt="alt text" title="image title" />';

    and change the src, alt and title attribute values.


    Hey, it does not work, big error. If you can think of something else, please let me know. I think that the shopping pages are a bit boring or monotonous. I appreciate your help, thank you!

    Best regards, Anita



    I corrected the code :)

    Best regards,



    Hi, you put some ‘; after the code? I already tried that :-( , not working. With this code I have on every shop page the same picture? I would like to have a different picture on every shop category. Well, let me know if there is a solution. I also asked WooCommerce, maybe they will come with an answer. I will let you know. Success!




    Yes, this code will just add the same image to all shop archive pages.

    Best regards,


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