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    I have a web page using Incarnation. I use the slider on a few pages, and it does not behave the same even with the same configuration.

    On the page on KDI it resizes for the picture showing a wheel (format: jpg, 588 x 571). i does not on the leadership page with pictures of different sizes, one 447 x 457, the other 1532 × 866.

    Both sliders have fade slider, adjust to page layout, no autorotation active, and 6 seconds duration. The pictures themselves have the same options: no caption, link to page, big image/video.

    Why could this be?

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    Hey rrickenbach!

    The images are getting resized and cropped based on their proportions. For very wide, but not very tall images, WordPress shrinks them down like you see on the leadership page.

    Using more balanced images will give a better output on the slideshow.

    Best regards,


    Hey Devin

    That is what I thought too, but:

    On one page I have a picture 588×577 and another 1024×391, and they resize.
    On the other I have pictures of 447×457 and 1536×866, and they don’t.
    I just now changed the pictures to 447×457 and 500×450, and still the slider does not resize.

    Any other idea?
    Thanks in advance.


    What image size are you selecting when you press add to gallery?


    I tried both full size and medium (293×300 and 300×270 respectively).


    I think we’ll need to just see it first hand. If you can add admin login credentials in a private reply here we will login and take a look.



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    After playing with it a bit I think its just a matter of the image size on the wheel image being able to fit within the image size for that image section without having to be cropped.

    You can use this plugin to easily view all the image sizes the theme uses:

    Then change the crop value from true to false, regenerate etc. In the end the best thing may be using an image pre-cropped to a square ratio for those pages where the image will be used like that.

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