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    First I’ll state that I’m intermediate with WordPress, second, that I love the theme so far!

    I’m having an issue with getting the slider showing up on the frontpage of the site.


    I’ve looked around and one suggestion said to make sure settings/reading has latest post checked, and that’s set.

    When I started today there was the logo in the center of the slider area, now there’s nothing. I’m uploading jpgs.

    Any help?


    Okay then!!

    Now it’s working. Not sure what I did, but something else triggered it.

    If you have any insight that’d be appreciated for future tweaking


    Hi andrew7910,

    First, disable any plugins you might have active to make sure none of them are interfering with the themes functions.

    Next, go to your Display Options>Frontpage Slider and try setting the slider to jQuery Fading Slider, Use Slideshow Manager below and that the slideshow manager has the correct image path for your slideshow image.

    It will also help if your slideshow image is an image that is 940px wide by 420px high.




    Off-topic/Incorrect Theme.


    “…go to your Display Options>Frontpage Slider and try setting the slider to jQuery Fading Slider,…” Where is Display Options?


    Off-topic/Incorrect Theme.


    Hey kbunt,

    This is for a completely different theme and the options are not at all related to Choices. While I appreciate the offered assitance, in this case it is incorrect and as I don’t want confusion for the “Display Theme” issues and advice here I will be deleting the content of your two posts above. Again, just to avoid confusin.

    @ svigneault – Your Display Options should be listed on the left hand side of the WordPress admin at the very bottom. Select that item and then select Frontpage. This is only if you are using the Display theme demoed here: http://www.kriesi.at/themedemo/?theme=display



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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