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    Hello, when I add slider (easy of fullscreen) sliders only works for the first two slide then it stops. Probably a js conflict, I closed off plugins but it did not change. I will provide link if it is a familiar problem.



    it has been solved.


    Hi there,

    My slider isn’t moving at all based on the timer.

    However – the slider can be moved by clicking on the left or right arrows.

    I just tried again with a fresh installed WordPress, no additional plugins..

    How did you solve it on your side?

    Any ideas?

    best regards



    Hi there,

    just had a look at the JS Console it shows a message

    “Resource interpreted as Font but transferred with MIME type application/octet-stream: “”.″

    Might that be the reason?

    best regards




    Can you post a link to your slider page please? Maybe it’s a js error.




    Same problem here. Slide show on startpage is working fine under newest chrome and firefox, but opera12 ist just showing the first two pictures and ie10 isn’t sliding, just switching the pictures … very disappointing, that the promised fix ( ) in the current version didn’t happen. We would appreciate further help in this case! Currently using Enfold 1.8.2


    Hi Kateiren,

    mine was a js conflict, triggered by a plugin with out-dated code. I just uninstalled it.



    Thank you for this information. But as I told weeks ago (, we don’t use any plugins beside template Enfold :( So this should not be the case …



    Can you please recreate the Easy Slider from scratch? I can easily add 3 or more images on the Easy Slider on my end without it stopping or causing issues.

    Please increase the wordpress php memory limit:




    Ok, I will try this at the weekend … although currently I can’t see, why this should impact one browser and not all the other in our case. I’ll report the effect, when it has been tested.



    Please let us know if it is working now. You might want to upgrade to Enfold 1.8.4.




    I am experiencing a similar problem on a client’s website. The temporary URL is

    I have tried both the Easy Slider and Full Width Slider with the same result. Everything works fine on Internet Explorer, but not on Chrome or Firefox. The animation stops after slide 2 and I am unable to advance with the arrows or even the dots on the slider.

    I am running WordPress v2.6 and Theme version 1.8.1



    We released an update today (Version 1.9.1) that should fix the issue. if you encounter anyongoing problems with the slider feel free to open up a new thread for us. Please make sure to link to your installation if you keep having problems ;)

    I am closing this thread for now ;)



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