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    I’ve been running WP3.81 since its release and had no problems with Enfold whatsoever. Then my client e-mails me today and says the slider on the homepage (the only slider I’m using, http://www.harborresourcesllc.com) wasn’t working. Sure enough, I check it out and the “swirly” is circling. I logged in to the admin console, and even in the builder it isn’t displaying; however, all of the media content is still in the library. I tried to update to latest version of Enfold (i.e., what came out since first week of February when I originally installed), but that didn’t fix it. (In fact, it locked WP into maintenance mode and then broke some menus that I had to go fix in a hurry!!)

    PLEASE HELP! This is a brand new client and my first use of Enfold. It’s making BOTH of us look bad.


    Hi Nick!

    It seems like image links of slider are broken http://i.imgur.com/zN5hvhA.jpg
    Please remove them and re-upload in Media > Library


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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