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    I want to rebuild my current html site using Avisio (which I love) and wordpress. I want to build it somewhere else and then replace my old site with the new one so there is little downtime. My thought was to install wordpress in a different folder on my current site called “stage” and work on it there like this-

    Is this the smart way to do this? What will be the process to then replace my old site. Can I just delete the old site and copy the contents of the “stage” folder over?



    This is a fine idea, a lot of people do this. You can install it in that directory and then when you move it just change the setting in Settings>General under WP Address and Site Address


    Great! Thank you Noah. When I move it, do I just copy and paste it into the directory, or do I have to install wordpress into that directory first?


    You need to move your whole wordpress folder including themes, etc.


    Hi Dude,

    Thanks. I moved my whole wordpress folder as instructed, but some oddities remain. I changed the Site and Worpress address under general settings, then moved it. I used an Update Url’s pluging as well. I had changed the Style1.css to make the current-menu item be a different color. Once I moved the site, all of the menus changed to the appropriate color when selected except “Home”. When I clicked home, it took me to an index of the old directory. i then created a new menu item in the Dashboard/Appearance/Menus that pointed to the new “Home”URL, and deleted the old menu item. Now, the menu points to the right place, but I can’t get the “home menu to change color when it is the “current-menu item”. any ideas?


    And I discovered the toggles I had put in aren’t working. I try to create new ones and they appear visually with no toggle function. Help!


    Can you post a link please. the toggle problems are javascript related.


    Hi Dude,

    I am just building my test site right now and trying to troubleshoot the “copying of the site” to another URL. I deleted the last install and started over. I have so far been able to change the “site address” successfully so that the the installed blog ( can be seen at (

    Ultimately I want to actually move the site from the subfolder to the root directory so I can have the /stage site as a test site to try new things on. I also want to do this so I can use the multisite feature in the future.

    I tried following directions on:

    but ran into problems.

    I was thinking of hiring someone to do the move for me if I can’t figure it out.. Do you do freelance tech support?


    Yes I can do that for you. Write me an email to: (Email address hidden if logged out)


    Will do. Thanks Dude.


    I did the same thing, i.e. created a Brightbox site on test domain and I tried to move to my primary domain – with the help from tech support at my host this was NOT successful, a mess in fact. The wordpress tutor. is also not quite adequate for this theme it seems. I would be very grateful for some support on this issue. I also have a Broadscope site, and I may encounter same problem.


    Basically the easiest way is to export the database, replace all occurences of the test/sub domain with the final domain and move all files to the right directory. Then import the database with the changed domain paths again. You can also use tools like


    thanks for your advice. i’ll report bad or good when I dare attempt again.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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