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    Hello I need some help.

    1st issue – The social icons for the page builder/blog page do not line up straight, I need this fixed. Picture Screenshot Link Attached.

    2nd Issue – I need to have navigation for the blog. I’m using the page builder/ blog and do not see an option for this. I need it to only show in the blog area. Here is a screenshot of what I would like to achieve. Basically I want a right sidebar with the same content only for the bottom half of the page where the blog is/not the top about area.


    Here is a link to the live site



    1- It is 3rd party plugin issue. You can add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab for a temporary fix

    .fb_iframe_widget { display: inline-flex; }

    2- Please go to Appearance > Widgets and add Enfold Latest News widget to Sidebar Blog widget area

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit-

    Neither of those suggestions helped.

    1. I added the quick CSS code but nothing changed. Please see the page and see the blog social icons. They are still off center as well as the bottom social media links.

    2. I added that Widget but nothing changed on my home page. What I would like it to do is have a navigation sidebar on the right side of my homepage blog bottom – not the entire page sidebar. Please visit and scroll to the blog at the bottom.




    1- Please try adding !important rule to force it as following

    .fb_iframe_widget {
    display: inline-flex!important;

    2- You can add your Blog Posts element inside of a 2/3 column element and add Widget Area element inside of a 1/3 column element then choose to display a widget area that has Enfold Latest News widget in it



    Yo Yigit-

    Still having a small issue.
    1. The code worked but the spacing between the icons are not spaced consistent . How do I fix this? Please see the site:

    2. Issue Fixed.




    What do you mean it is no consistent? Do you want to decrease the space between the icons? You can add this on Quick CSS:

    .simplesocialbutton.ssb-button-twitter {
    margin-left: -20px;


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