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    i’m doing a portuguese translation and have some questions:

    – When we do a search on the site, we have the string “Search results for:”.

    On function-set-avia-frontend.php we have:

    global $wp_query;

    $search_result_count = !empty($wp_query->found_posts) ? $wp_query->found_posts .” s”: “S”;

    $output = __($search_result_count.’earch results for: ‘,’avia_framework’).$_GET;

    on .po file we have the string: “earch results for:”

    first: i translate that string but i dont get any results on site

    second: translating this to my language is “Resultados da pesquisa para:” (or something like this). Does not start with the letter ‘S’.

    How do i solve this problem?

    – Also how do i translate the string “search site” inside the two search boxes?





    I had the same problem.

    Here how I solved this:

    Unfortunately, I think, it doesn’t works without changing the original code in function-set-avia-frontend.php.

    There you can go to line 704

    $search_result_count = !empty($wp_query->found_posts) ? $wp_query->found_posts .” s”: “S”;

    I’ve deleted this, because in German the Word “Suchergebnisse” is always in uppercase.

    I’ve deleted also ‘$search_result_count.’ on next line and put an ‘S’ before ‘earch results….’

    After all I do a “refresh on source files” with Poedit.

    Poedit find the new phrase – and after the update it works…





    You can translate the “search site” string in searchform.php. I’ll ask Kriesi to include this string in the po/mo files with the next update.




    Hi Dude!

    even then this was not the problem ;-) the string “search site” in searchform.php would also be great to add to the po/mo files.

    I’ve already translated them in the code…




    Hi Dude,

    a lot of words appears in english, nevertheless translated in german. For example

    Search results for

    search site

    previous entry

    next entry

    Maybe it is a code problem.




    I’ve notified Kriesi about it.

    1) Search results for… – you need to modify framework/function-set-avia-frontend.php – replace

    $search_result_count = !empty($wp_query->found_posts) ? $wp_query->found_posts ." s": "S";

    $output = __($search_result_count.'earch results for: ','avia_framework').$_GET['s'];


    $search_result_count = !empty($wp_query->found_posts) ? $wp_query->found_posts ." S": "S";

    $output = __($search_result_count.'uchergebnisse für: ','avia_framework').$_GET['s'];

    2) You can change this text in searchform.php.

    3+4) We need a theme update + new po files here – I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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