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    Hello team,

    first i want to thank you for the amazing theme!

    I have a problem with the sortable Portfolio Categories on my frontpage. I added categorys such as Grafik Design, Fotografie, 3D, Experimental, Illustration, Logo Design and Motion Design.

    My Problem is that the Catergory “3D” didn`t show my portfolio items and “Experimental show me only two items.

    Here is my site:

    Greeting from Germany;-)



    Hey there,

    seems that there is a problem with the sortable porfolio catergory. I have change the date where i add the protfolio items. Now it shows me some more 3D, Experimental and Fotografie portfolio items but less Grafik Design and Logo Design.

    Hope you can safe the Problem.





    Which settings did you set for this portfolio page? Maybe try to increase the number of items per page or activate the portfolio pagination.

    Best regards,



    Hey there sorry for my late answer!

    I solve the Problem:-) You are right Peter, I increase the number of items and the Problem seems to be solved. Thanks a lot!

    Greetings from Germany



    Great – glad that it works now :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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