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    We have a strange behaviour on our portfolio pages. When opened, the spaces between portolio items are too big, only when we sort the spaces are ok again. Clicking on “All” the spaces stay correct, so somehow they behave differently after the first sorting, Can you please point us in the right direction, what could happen here? You can see an example page here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    Even opening the page and clicking on “Alle” directly changes the spaces.




    The spacing seems to be the same before / after sorting for me. What browser / OS are you using?

    If you disable your plugins does this affect the display?



    It happens in every browser (FF, IE, Opera, Safari, Chrome). Maybe you missed it? I’d send you screenshots, but I don’t know how….

    When you load the page, the space between first and second row is too big, but after clicking on “Alle” the second row moves up. Refreshing the page the space is bigger again….



    Are you using Windows, Linux or Mac?

    I’m using Safari on Mac (but also tested in FireFox and Chrome) and the spacing seems the same for me regardless of the order I click on the tabs.

    I put together a quick video using Screenr –

    Can you do the same for your browser(s) specifying which one(s) you’re using?



    Ich bekomme den Fehler ebenfalls (Firefox 3.6) angezeigt. Und zwar passiert das nur, wenn man das erste Mal auf “Was wir für sie tun” klickt. Klicke ich ein weiteres Mal auf “Alle” rutscht die 2. Zeile etwas näher an der Erste. Klicke ich auf “Beratung” oder “Outsourcing” und wieder zurück, ändert sich nichts.

    Der Fehler tritt wirklich nur auf, wenn ich das 1. Mal auf die Portfolio Seite komme.

    EDIT (Dude): emitremmu confirms the portfolio sorting/displaying problem. Please don’t post a German answer when the question was asked/answered in English.


    @emitremmus: The Google Translation of your text is:

    I get the error as well (Firefox 3.6) appears. And that happens only when you click first on “What we do for them.” I click again on “All” slips the 2nd Line a little closer to the first. I click back to “advice” or “outsourcing” and again, nothing changes.

    The error is really only when I first Look at the portfolio page coming.

    I don’t speak any German so I can only assume this is the correct translation…

    I have just re-tested using Firefox 3.6.12 on (Purchase code hidden if logged out) – I see the tabs as per the video link I posted above. If you don’t see the tabs the same as the video, please indicate which browser (including version) and OS (Mac OS X, Linux or Windows) you are using and if possible post a video.

    Please only use English for future posts.



    I only answered in german, because the side which was posted is an german website and i think the thread starter is an german user. maybe. :)


    The problem is the second line. This is not vissible in your video. In your video i see only line one of the portfolio posts. which are “Umsetzung”, “Support vor Ort” and “Strategie”.

    But the problem with moving the spaces is between line one and line two.

    I use Firefox 3.6.12


    Emitremmus is right, I’ve been talking about the space between the rows, i.e. above and below the rows of portfolio entries.

    it should be obvious now, but here are two screenshots: (I simply clicked on “Alle” for this one)


    Nobody has any idea what might happen there?


    Please, at least tell me, that you don’t know how to solve this or where to start looking…


    Just wanted to drop by after while and say the support here is quite disappointing. Of the few questions I had not a single one has been answered to my satisfaction. As far as I tell can most of the time users help each other, but that’s not my idea of customer support.

    Also there has been a lot of development in the market and on themforest and many authors whip out one update after another to make their themes even better. Not so Kriesi. He sold 20.000 copies and that’s it? No support, no updates, nothing?



    I think the problem is cause by (unnecessary) line breaks. Between the portfolio item rows the source code shows two line break tags. My test site and the demo content doesn’t show them so I think the output is caused by a manipulation of template_portfolio.php or a plugin…

    Kriesi needed a timeout so he didn’t release new themes or updates for a while…

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