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    I use a 16 images portfolio like you did on the example for my homepage (the first page) with different categories.

    But when I click on a category it doesn’t load all portfolios in this catergoy up to 16, only the portfolios with the right category within the 16 originally showed latest portfolios.

    Lets say I have a total of 8 websites as portfolio entries with the category “WEB” but from this 8 only 3 are shown on the homepage startscreen latest portfolio, when i click there on the category “WEB” only 3 apears even if i had space for at least 16.

    I hope i could explain my problem.

    Thanks for a quick answer.

    BW Seb.


    Hi Seb,

    This is the correct behavior. What the sort function does is only sort the currently loaded portfolio items that are on the page. It isn’t able to pull additional portfolio items that were not loaded into the page originally.

    Its a limitation of the way items are queried with the database. In order to pull up more items that weren’t originally shown on the page the script would need to query the database each time a user clicks on a category (just like loading the whole page again). This would have to be done each time a category is clicked and could cause severe performance issues if you are using a large amount of displayed items at a time.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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