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    I would like to maintain the boxed appearance for the rest of the page, and at the same time having a fullscreen background color for the footer and the socket.

    I am using the Coherence theme.

    Is that possible?


    Hi HEPA,

    The coherence theme doesn’t have a stretched layout, it is possible to do that however, we need to do some re-coding. I’ll post here as soon as I can give you a solution.




    i’m dealing with the same prob


    Hi All,

    If Ismael would like to pursue making the changes it would be up to him, but as far as normal support goes that is a bit beyond the scope of a change we could make as it would take significant alterations to the theme css to get it working correctly across all browsers and then to keep the responsive features working.

    I’ll suggest the idea to kriesi of having an additional option for the layout but I’m not sure if he would pursue it our not.

    If its something you really want to get accomplished, I would say the most direct route would be to edit the footer.php and change where the #wrap_all div closes so that it ends before the #footer. Then create a new div to enclose both #footer and #socket.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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