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    Hello, I am continuing to learn my way around this template/wp and so far enjoying it’s options and whatnot, but I have hit a wall: I wanted to start dabbling in editing some CSS files, but the WP editor only shows the general CSS style sheet, and not the more specific 1/2/3 sheets that I am after.

    I saw another thread in which Kriesi personally answered that the only way to update/edit the style1/2/3 sheets was to export the entire site via the backend, search for the pertinent CSS files locally, edit, then upload them back to the site.

    I want to know if there has been any other fix to this problem since this advice was given? Seems like a pretty complicated way to edit the css, especially since I am new to this and expect some learning curve with the code and I really do not want to have to go through several complicated steps just to see if I changed the background color to a darker shade.

    Please advise on how to proceed. Perhaps there is a way to just upload the individual css files?




    almost forgot- running the latest firefox and WP 3.2.



    You can just open the folder you’ve downloaded from Themeforest and find the style1/2/3.css in the css folder, then you can edit it (make sure to keep an untouched version to prevent extra hassle in the end). After which you can upload it to your ftp and overwrite the online files. There is no need to download all the files.


    Thanks, I was thinking that there had to be a way like you describe. Do I upload via cpanel or what? My knowledge of anything other than the wp backend is pretty limited.


    Further expanding upon my post in reply to your answer above, can I import the edited css file through the wp backend using the import function in the dashboard? Or does this strictly have to be done through ftp?





    you can use ftp or cpanel – wordpress backend just shows the main style.css file.

    Navigate to wp-content/themes/display/css and upload/download the required stylesheet and modify it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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