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    I added CSS styling into the Child theme styles.css to list styling the in the WooCommerce product description tab. It does not apply the styling, however if I add the CSS in the theme’s custom.css file it works fine.

    Since I’m using a child theme, I would have expected the child theme’s styles.css to be the one used for custom styling my site. Did I miss understand the Child Theme concept or does the Child theme not work with the parent theme?




    Hi Lyse,

    The child theme inherits it’s functionality and structure from the parent theme. So if the parent theme uses style.css for all it’s styling like WordPress’ Twenty Eleven theme then so would the child theme.

    In the case of Abundance though, Kriesi has structured the theme so it uses multiple stylesheets with custom.css overriding any default settings which means the child theme will also use custom.css.

    Does that make sense?




    Does that mean, that I have to create a /css/custom.css in the child theme folder and edit thing in there?


    Hi Mya,

    Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

    If I understand your response, the child theme concept (that uses it own “style.css” file), has no impact on customization when using the Abundance theme. One has to use the Abundance theme’s custom.css. This should be documented as such.



    Hi Lyse,

    Not necessarily. According to the wordpress codex, you can overwrite any file that parent loads by including the same file into your child theme. I’ve not attempted it with Abundance, but you could probably include your own custom.css file and have it be used instead.

    See the following for some additional general info:

    I’m not sure the theme has complete support for child themes to be honest, but as with anything wordpress related you can generally tweak everything to suit your needs.




    Hi Devin,

    Thank you very much for the link and further explanation. I understand a lot better now. As long as I know where I can remain in control of customization without risking loss during upgrades I’m happy.

    Again that you for your patience.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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