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    great theme, really enjoy using it, kudos to all of you! :)

    I got an issue which is really important to me – I want to place a subscription field (i.e. input for email) + CTA button on the layerslider and I need it to be “somehow” responsive. I know already that responsiveness is hardly possible at the current state. Sill, how do I get the field + button on there and enable the button to at least “jump” to the next line once the screen is small enough, so it does NOT go beyond the screen boundaries in the same row? (would be ok for me if the size of the field + button stay the same)

    Field + button should be quite big, cf. the size of the CTA button in a promo field. However, the design itself should be “flat”, cf. the regular contact forms in the theme.

    How can I best approach this? Either with the theme’s contact form or with a separate plugin, such as Contact Form 7. Doesn’t matter.

    Huge thanks for your help!



    Hi r88,

    I’m not actually sure that is really possible at all without customizing the layerslider. You can experiment with its positioning and using media queries to target the class selector for that specific item but it would need to be very specific to that exact slide and content within it.




    Thanks for your quick reply Devin! At least you confirmed this is a tough one ;) Will try to experiment with the queries and use a button-only solution in the meantime…

    If you ever have any other idea, keep me posted!


    Will do and if you do find a solution that works for you, feel free to post it here :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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