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    I’ve tried searching Support, but am not finding a listing that might show the latest version and file date for the various themes.

    Is there such a table available?

    It would be handy for some of us to be able to quickly scan the list to see if multiple themes that we own and/or manage are current. It doesn’t need to be a changelog. Just a simple three column table showing THEME, VERSION and FILEDATE.


    Hi amz!

    Thank you for using the theme!

    I’m sorry but I’m not certain if I understand you correctly. Can you please provide a screenshot of the table? You can go to Appearance > Editor then look for the style.css file. You’ll see the current version and name.




    Sorry for the confusion. I don’t mean a table within a theme. I mean a table on the KRIESI Support pages that shows the current version and file date for each theme. For example:

    ENFOLD ver. 2.4.5 4/1/2014
    COOLTHEME ver. 1.0.1 3/14/2014
    OLDTHEME ver. 4.1.4 9/10/2012

    … and so on. I realize that some of the themes are version-aware, but having a table on your support site would give a heads-up. Also, I have themes that I’ve bought but am not using. Once I decide to use them, I’d like to know I’m installing the latest version fresh instead of updating an old file. For very recent updates (last 30 days), you might even boldface the version date.

    One other thing… I had it set up to e-mail me when I get a reply to my post, but I didn’t see a notice for your reply. (And I checked spam folder, etc.).



    We used to have one but since updating from within the themes was enabled the topic has since been removed.

    Best regards,

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