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    Hey guys, I’m currently having pixelation issues with portfolio-images using taller dimensions then typically used. My issue can be seen on slide eleven (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /”>here. Is there some form of height restriction with images that I can over ride?

    Thanks for the help!

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    And for clarity, I’ve experimented using widths of 990px and 647 px with the same result.



    Please try to resize the image to 700px width then upload it again. You’re using a very tall image and the theme is cropping it to 277px. The image container is forcing it to resize to 690px because the width is set to 100% via CSS.



    Hi Ismael, thanks for the help. I’ve resized the image with a 700px width with the same result. Any more suggestions?




    Please try to replace the thumbnails with the original images. Open up wp-content/themes/eunoia/functions-eunoia.php and replace:

    $slider			-> setImageSize('fullsize');


    $slider			-> setImageSize('full');

    to use the original images instead of the thumbnails.



    Hi Dude, the above solution worked perfectly for the AJAX portfolio display. However, the pixelation issue persisted on the actual portfolio page. I made the same modification to …/loop-portfolio-single.php and it worked perfectly! Thanks team for all your help.



    Great, glad it works now :)

    Best regards,

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