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    I’m a bit stuck; I’m using the Choices theme.

    I would like to create a page template that starts out with the fullwidth content here <; and underneath has the page cotent and sidebar here <;. This way, the page name is in the blue bar, the photo and opening paragraph are fullwidth… and the rest has a sidebar to the right.

    I’ve read this post for Brightbox < (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -template> but I don’t see a fullwidth page template in my Choices directory.




    Hi Heather,

    Since the first bit is pretty simple, I would just add that into a regular text content element and then below it add in a Columns element set to 2 columns, 75%:25% with the first column set to Single Page and the page you want to display and the 25% set to Widget. Then you can customize the widget area in the Widgets area just like a custom sidebar.

    Add in the breadcrumb or page split etc if needed.




    Thanks, Devin. I did that, but maybe I’m overlooking something…

    1. How do I get the page title to be in the blue bar across the page like this: <;? I’ve tried a page split (as Header, Main Content, Alt Content, Slideshow, etc). I’ve also tried starting with a Heading + Breadcrumb, and I’ve tried a slideshow. Any ideas?

    2. How do I get the sidebar styling in place on the template? See how the shadows and divider lines are missing? <;

    Thanks again,




    This page was made like this:

    You need to make a dynamic template that looks like this


    I think that blue bar can not be evoked from dynamic templates and comes out on pages automatically, though don’t hold me to that, i am going to investigate it a little further

    i think that vertical line that separates sidebar from main content would be available on the template if you use a sidebar with the template and not a full width. I will check in on that also




    Nick, thanks for the suggestion. My template (based on Devin’s suggestion) seemed to work perfectly as far as content goes. However, it doesn’t show the blue bar (which you doubt will happen), and it doesn’t style the sidebar as it is…

    Maybe I’ll just rework the page layout completely.

    Thanks again!


    Sorry about that, I know the template builder has a bit of inflexibility when you really get into trying to get certain layouts with sidebars.

    It looks like you’ve found a slightly updated layout so far so I hope that works for you :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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