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    I am unable to add additional templates. I have increase the php memory to 96mb. Sometimes it takes a minute or two to load the template list, sometimes I get an error.


    Hey jmlavi13!

    If you have a high number you may need to either increase your memory limit further or increase the amount of php input that your server can accept at once. So talk to your hosting provider about increasing the php max_input_vars to something like 3000 through your php.ini or whatever method they allow.

    Best regards,


    Still not working. I continue to get the Something went wrong error when trying to add a element to a template.

    I even deleted a number of templates.

    I really need help on this as we need to add clients ASAP.

    When I go into Widget is screw everything up. All the pages with Dynamic Templates show only footer and header. I have to restore to get the info back. When I was in the Widget area I noticed it deactivated all the Custom Widgets associated with the Dynamic Templates.



    Please deactivate all existing plugins. Maybe, you have tons of plugins on your end and some of it is causing the issue. Please post the link of the website here.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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