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    Whenever I make a page using the template builder, some formatting doesn’t show up on the page. For instance, the blog page I made does not show the page title, the colored bar graphic behind it, and the page content overlay effect.


    Hi action0335,

    The template builder will replace all of the page formatting completely. So whatever layout you use for the template will be reflected on the page using that template.




    What is the easiest way to add the theme elements back into the page created with template builder? I’m trying to add a blog page to my site. Template builder seems to be the easiest way. Here’s the site I’m working on. I want the News page (blog) to be formated like the roots page.


    This is the default styling for the blog if you choose the page from the main theme settings:

    You just need a simple, non-template selected page for the theme to load the blog feed into.




    Thanks. Instead of using the blog custom template, I used the blog option in the theme options on my page, and it worked. This issue is resolved.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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