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    Hi guys,

    I keep getting this recently when using the Template Builder:


    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.


    Any reason why and is there a fix?

    The TB still works, it just hangs up on opening each time.




    Hi Rich,

    I’m going to tag the support team to see if they know of a fix. I’ll also include Kriesi so he’s aware.





    It’s hard to say specifically since it could be anything from a server issue, to a temporary bandwidth allocation problem to a number of other reasons. It loaded a bit sluggish for me so I ran a few tests, the results of which you can download in a pdf file towards the bottom.

    Your entire page is 2.6 megs when it should be about 1.2 megs or less just from basic optimization. The CSS alone is 466K which is practically a novel. (please take a look how live load time 15 seconds can be cut down to 7 seconds here -0>

    You are not using your cache, so everytime a visitor moves from one page to the next the same images have to be resent back instead of being in the browser cache memory.

    Your server is also not using gzip to compress the files further prior to serving them to the visitor.

    I am showing that 500K can be shaved off just by optimizing the images alone, Please download this assessment of your speed configuration and you will notice that it takes 1.5 seconds in wait time for your server to respond. Usually that indicates a misconfiguration of the Apache server.

    The error you show usually is solved when WordPress is re-installed. You may have an old version of jQuery, at least the gurus on the following page believe, though I am skeptical. (see answer 1: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) )

    Please let us know how things went.




    Hi Mya, Nick,

    Thanks for the response and data. I am intending removing the image sizes that the site never uses once I have it clear which ones they are. Each image creates 17 different jpeg sizes in Shoutbox and I think I only use about 6 of them. Then I can regenerate the thumbnails and save some space on the server also.

    I use pretty high quality jpegs also because they look much better (especially the larger sizes) but I can probably speed things up with a cache plugin which I haven’t yet looked at. When you say 500k can be shaved off the images, what do you mean exactly?

    The css file is big because I modified Shoutbox quite a bit. Also I use Typekit to keep the fonts consistent across mac and pc and that means resetting all the font specifications for all the different classes.

    I have no idea how to set the server to use gzip. How would I do that?

    I don’t know about jQuery. I’m using the latest version of WP, so assume it uses the latest version, unless WP didn’t install properly. But it seems to work, so I’m not sure.

    Thanks for all your advice. I appreciate the effort you took in analyzing the site so thoroughly!




    Images can be compressed using lossy compression that Photoshop uses which you’ve probably done, but few people then use lessloss compression (for png primarily) which visually looks identical but groups similar colors better, so image is much smaller.

    Install the Google PageSpeed browser add-on for Chrome or Firefox and it will compress everything for you.and then you just copy and paste.

    I am sorry but the actual optimization is outside the scope of the support forum, You can install and configure the free W3 Cache plugin which will do everything I mentioned for you.

    WordPress uses jQuery as almost every cms/blog software.

    Good luck!



    Thanks Nick.

    I installed W3 Cache today (although I don’t really understand all the settings) but it has speeded things up. The main problem is the image sizes but I can look at that later.

    When you say “Install the Google PageSpeed browser add-on for Chrome or Firefox and it will compress everything for you.and then you just copy and paste.” Copy and paste what exactly, and to where?




    I made a video showing a little of the functionality of pagespeed

    It will compress all your images, javascript and css since you have development code. I wouldn’tbother with anything but the images. You basically save them and connect via ftp to your server and overwrite the existing images with the compressed ones, You just have to change the name, as I show on video before uploading them.

    The plugin is definitely doing things, but what its not doing, it’s not putting expiration dates on images, which is quite important. Find a tutorial on YouTube in your language so you are comfortable and spend a good hour customizing it, its quite involved, but the long term dividends in faster speed are fantastic, especially since Google ranks faster websites higher.

    Good Luck, I am going to close the ticket, but if you need something else just let us know,



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