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    I want to build a template for a page like the following: http://www.planet-upcycling.net/?page_id=405




    Page Content

    Horizontal Ruler (with Text “Konzept”)

    3 Columns

    Horizontal Ruler

    Page Content

    How must the template be build? I cannot add page content twice or more times because I can only feed it with text by one wp side. And I cannot do it only by shortcuts, because the flag in the horizontal ruler will take no other text that “top”?

    Thank you.




    So you are building a page with all those items. Lets call it Custom Page. What you would do is create 3 pages Custom Page, Custom Page 2 and Custom Page 3. Make Page 2 and 3 Private. Then use the content from those two pages to fill the additional page content areas of Custom Page. This way you can have as many of these pages as you want, which wont show up on search, and whose only function is to provide content for the main page.




    Ah, super Nick. Thanks a lot for great support.




    Glad Nick could help :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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