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    I upgraded my brightbox theme to get the fix for text showing on images. All seemed to go well. Then I changed a template I had created and now all my templates show but they all have nothing in them. Needless to say none of the pages that use the templates show anything.

    Can you please help?




    Just a little more info. My template page shows my templates down the left side but when I click on one the template builder area is empty and there is no option to add elements like there normally is.

    Something’s a bit wrong.



    it seems like the template info is lost. It’s stored in the database – if the template modules don’t appear anymore the data was very likely deleted and/or overwritten.



    Thanks for the reply. I have a backup of the old version. If I restore old version can I backup the templates in some way then upgrade and then restore templates or do I have to enter them manually. I suppose if I access the MySQL DB I could copy the templates from some table?




    Ah I see, I have lost it. It’s in the database which wasn’t backed up. Well that sucks ;)


    Sorry to hear that :(



    I have a similar issue. We have backed the SQL DB up and when we upload to a new server the template is there but the data isn’t. Which table is the template data stored in so I can check it’s being backed up?




    Some more info:

    Even the Google Analytic code which appears to be in the ‘wordpress_wp_options.sql’ file doesn’t seem to appear in the BrightBox options homepage.





    I think “avia_options_brightbox_dynamic_pages” table and “theme_mods_brightbox” is used to store the theme data.


    When you use (payable) Backup-Buddy-plugin to make your backup, it will work… (but first read the requirements of your hosting-server,… Because in some cases this backup-plugin won’t work on specific hosts (Hostgator.com will work).

    I bought it and it works fine (including the dynamic-template-pages are included in the backup!




    Thanks for sharing, wenv, though I haven’t tested it myself I’ll take your word for it ;)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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