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    please check the footer on you can see that the footer background is not blue like the homepage, how can I make it like the 1st homepage. I did not change anything in theme, as I am not a web developer, I am just a regular user of wordpress.

    Also you can see in the last column in the footer there is an extended line, how can I shorten it to be just the width of the column

    Thank you very much





    I’m uncertain what you mean with the footer background, it is the same as the background behind the slider. Could you specify or maybe even use a picture as an example?

    To edit your “extended line” you can open up your style.css file and find

    #top .footer .column4

    Here you can change the width of your last widget column, 134px looks like a good width.


    I believe he’s referring to the pages beyond the homepage. The footer is no longer the same as the background behind the slider, it’s a gray color instead, in fact it no longer extends to the bottom of the page in my browser (google chrome). Clicking on his “Services” page should demonstrate what I’m referring to.



    I think your content contains several html coding errors which destroy the html structure and cause display errors:

    The homepage itself contains also some minor coding errors (which don’t affect the design however). – i.e. your header.php contains an invalid `



    tag under the logo, etc.


    Thanks for your reply… I fixed the width of the 4th column in the footer that was pretty straight forward.

    for the html coding errors, that is causing the footer display error. I am really not sure what I have done wrong … I looked at the link and I see the 37 errors reported, but I am really clueless in how to fix them,

    it is very obvious that most of the errors are coming from the html I put in the sidebar wedge that is causing all of this in all the pages,

    I deleted it and it fixed the problem, then I put it back and the problem is back on again ….

    I worked it out by elimination and I found that I had forgotten to put </div> that what was causing the whole thing

    thanks a lot.


    Glad that we could help, good to see it’s solved now :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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