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    If you visit http://kooksjournal.net/category/featured/

    you willl notice that the posts that has captions turned on cover the images in a way that it is impossible to see the image. Is there a way to have the captions turned on but not cover the entire image like that?


    Hi ozgurpolat,

    The only thing to do would be to hide the captions in the blog view like that or to remove your captions/make them shorter.




    Hi Devin

    How do I hide the captions in the blog view. Hiding is not removing?

    If I could change the color of the caption background and make it a bit more trandparent this could also be a solution but I am unable to change the color. In another question I asked how I can move the caption title, anf using the same code I tried to change the color. but it did not work. Somehow default color seem to be loaded sfter the custom color.



    You can remove it with this.

    .archive.category .slideshow_caption {
    display: none !important;

    Add the code on your custom.css or quick CSS.




    Hi Ismael, Thank you very much, this works really well. Just one more question if it is not too much, How can I do the same with “Blog Layout – Full sized entries” and “Blog Layout – Half sized entries” on the front page. I am having the same problem when I turn on the captions.

    I tried to find out myself but non of the selectors I tried worked.


    You can see it on the front page here;


    I think the code above turns off the captions for “Blog Layout – half sized entries” but not full.

    You can see that it is turned off here:


    And when you visit the post the caption is there, which is the desired result:




    You can use this

    .blog .slideshow_caption {
    display: none !important;

    or to turn them off entirely please use this

    .slideshow_caption {
    display: none !important;




    Thank you very much, both works perfectly fine, and that’s all I need.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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